Black and white leaf close-up in Florence, OR Black and white palm fronds outside a temple in Thailand Black and white downtown Portand skyline view Black and white flowers outside the Great Wall of China

Erica Nafziger

Front-end developer, photographer, and design enthusiast living and working in Portland, OR. Eager to create and learn all I can.

Hi there. I’m Erica, a front-end developer and designer for the web. I like using my brain on a daily basis. The more challenging a project is the more I will push myself. I want to make sites that are functional, beautiful, and have a purpose. I went to school for digital media before falling in love with coding and the web so I'll gladly get my hands dirty with all the design aspects of your project before I jump into the codebase.

I went to Epicodus to learn the fundamentals of coding and designing for the web. I have experience working in HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, and a smattering of JavaScript and CSS frameworks. I'll especially love any project that encorporates Sass. Wireframing and conceptualizing is my jam. If you are looking to make something unique that sets you apart, I’m your gal. Want to know more? Shoot me an email at

Bush of flowers in Thailand